The Singers of Shen Yun: Special Collection — No. 10

€10,00 EUR

A hallmark of Shen Yun’s singers is their use of bel canto technique. Led by the vocal training of the Shen Yun Artistic Director D.F., Shen Yun vocalists are reviving the most traditional form of bel canto through music that resonates with listeners around the world. Enjoy vocal performances that invoke themes of compassion, the triumph of good over evil, the meaning of life, and our connection to the divine.

This brand new release brings together the complete collection of live recordings of original songs written by D.F., and performed by Shen Yun soloists on stages throughout the world during the 2018 season.


• Duration: 38 min 
• Sung in Mandarin
• English Booklet Enclosed

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