Han Xin Scarf

€86,00 EUR

Han Xin was a Han Dynasty general renowned as a military genius. His keen intellect assisted Liu Bang in emerging triumphant amidst chaotic times and ushered in the 400-year-long reign of one of China's most glorious dynasties.

Han Xin practiced martial arts during his youth and always carried a sword. A street hooligan once tried to humiliate Han Xin by forcing him to crawl between his legs.

Displaying remarkable forbearance, Han Xin not only crawled between the man's legs without a fight, he even appointed the man a lieutenant in charge of the capital's security years later to thank him for contributing to his personal growth.

Honoring the greatness of Han Xin, this scarf showcases the handsome patterns seen on the general's outfit in a Shen Yun's dance. It's the perfect accessory for bringing a dashing touch to your everyday style.

• 51% Wool; 40% Polyester; 9% Silk
• 14.5” x 70”

Made in Italy

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