Enchanting Gourd Earrings

€128,00 EUR

Known as a bringer of good fortune that also works well as a utensil, a bottle, and a musical instrument, the uniquely charming hulu gourd seen in Shen Yun performances is ready to enliven everyday life through this collection of exquisite pieces.

  • Size: 12.4mm x 13.8mm
  • Enamel: Teal
  • Rhodium plated sterling silver
  • 4mm white cubic zirconia stones x2
  • Huggie hoop drop earrings
  • Made in Thailand

Care Tips:

  • Always check and ensure the gems on your pieces are securely in place before each use.
  • Be mindful when taking your jewelry on and off to avoid rubbing or prolonged contact with your clothing or other materials.
  • Keep your jewelry away from intense sources of heat, humidity, and extreme temperature changes. 
  • Avoid contact with makeup, perfume, or any chemical or cleaning agent.
  • Remove your jewelry when sleeping, bathing, or doing physical tasks.

 Cleaning Tips:

  • Most fine jewelry should only be cleaned when necessary to prevent overexposure to liquids.
  • To reduce the risk of losing loose gems, it is recommended to clean your jewelry in a bowl of lukewarm water mixed with mild dish soap.
  • Use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush to gently remove any dirt or residue.
  • Gently pat the pieces dry with a lint-free cloth after rinsing thoroughly.

 Proper Storage Tips:

  • Specialized jewelry boxes with individual felt‐lined and padded slots are recommended.
  • Colored gems are more fragile and should not be stacked.
  • Pearls need to kept well ventilated as they naturally absorb moisture from the air to maintain their best appearance.

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